Interesting history

Båthuset Båthuset

Hökagården will of the word Hökare, the older name of the retailers (in particular in food), which managed a hökeri (hökarbod). The word may possibly be derived from its crouch; tional, but is of unclear origin.

During the Hökagården are three cottages, Vrån, Krokhuset as well as Tapiola and two Crofts, Källåsen and Bjökalenas.

To the west of the Kroksjön are this book aims,approximately 5400 years old. At that time, there lived people at the Boathouse, a stone age settlement.

Halfway, that is approx. 7-9000 years old meanders past the Vilobänkarna

This book aims is about; 5400 years old, åldersbestämd of Länsantikvarien at Jönköping county Museum.

Norse meeting place

Vilobänkarna consists of two large stones. That was a known meeting place in the Hökagårdens forest. Here you pass the Halfway, a thoroughfare between Småland and Västergötland.

The farm has a skogsbilsnät at 4 km, all the roads are built for a truck with trailer.

This was the settlement from the stone age which stems from the same era that this book aims.