Welcome to Hökagard

Hökagård between Smålandsstenar and Burseryd Småland. Here you can relax in the beautiful forest environment, fish for game fish and walk in historic settings. You rent a cottage and have a nice holiday.

The gazebo, A place to enjoy a beer or a glass of wine.

The machine hall, built in 1981, is today a garage Completed in August 2019 with solar panels

KKrokhuset, an old croft that Krokhuset, an old croft that derives from 1500-talet. It is newly built in old style

Lillstugan dating from 1730. Has been a torpstuga on Krokhuset until 1895. It was then moved forward on the farm to be in the Carpentry and Laundry facilities. In 1993, it was inaugurated when it became totalrenorverad to the current standard. Since then it is for rent.

A pacific rowing in Kroksjön.

Here are the planted rainbow trout and freshwater fish.

Wine cellar, Built of hewn stone about; 1830. Påbyggt with a new roof in 1978.

Kroksjön, a beautiful small lake where you can fish for trout and freshwater fish or just sit and enjoy.

Nelly Kronvall comes to visit sometimes on horseback

The Kronvall sisters run with sulky